So it jus dawned on me, its not me, its you. I’m not broken, u just still are.
    Its just that if ur not fine I’m not fine… but unfortunately I dont kno how to help.

    So u were broken and I tried to fix u, now i’m out of bandages n you’re looking for more…. maybe I just wasn’t supposed to be the one to fix u in the first place….
    Now i’m falling to pieces.

    When u give so much of yourself to 1 person its not easy letting them go… but u have to know when to put yourself first.

    But i’ve become so used to thinking more about you than of myself that I can’t even figure out if i’m being selfish for wanting you to stay, or jus plain stupid.

    If its really over I’m just done because short term relationships make no sense to me.

    That feeling between mad and sad where u blame yourself for trying in the first place….

    How do u know when it’s time to let go? If you let go what’s the next step? What do u do? What if someone else comes along? What would make you want to try to love again? Starting all over building something new doesn’t sound fun… but how do you deal with feeling alone? I dont want to start over, just want this one to work.